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Top 5 Tips for Successful Entrepreneurship

Starting and maintining a Business and becoming an Entrepreneur is one of the hardest yet most exciting challenges we can face. To be successful we must not only look at our business model but also our own personal lifestyle model.

Below you will find our top 5 tips to become a successful Entrepreneur, that will not only benefit your day to day life but also put you in the best position to succeed in your career and business goals. Obviously we know there are many others habits and ideas needed to succeed, but these first five should point you in the right direction.

1. A Tidy House = A Tidy Mind

I know its been said time and time again, but ensuring your work and living space is tidy is key to making the most out of everyday. Productivity decreases when we are distracted by external factors and having clutter or mess around you is a prominent distraction.

Not only will clearing up your space (and life) lead to less distractions, it also provides a motivation to achieve other goals, it puts us in the mindset of completion and success.

Clear out your mind to make space for the important things, starts with clearing out your surroundings.

2. Talk it Through

Contrary to popular belief, it is helpful to talk through ideas with others and use collaboration to your advantage. Be aware that there will be some people that put your ideas down (don’t listen to them!), but others that support you will be a great sounding board to bounce ideas off, and they may even add ideas of their own.

This point doesn’t necessarily mean asking someone to join in on your business or entrepreneurial idea, but talking to people in other industries and walks of life, really does highlight areas where you may be lacking or potential new opportunities.

To become a successful Entrepreneur we must network, network, network.

3. Find your Passion

Cliché I know, but there is no point starting a potentially life long career or in something you’re not passionate about. Your business idea or career path must insight a child-like wonder, an excitement that makes you want to tell the world (maybe hold off telling everyone at first, like I said, people can be negative). It needs to be something you daydream about, something that stops you wanting to sleep at night and something you cant go a day without thinking about. For me this was always writing, and no matter how many times I put my dream aside, it kept creeping back up on me.

To find your passion, its always a good idea to think of what you enjoy doing that has no relevance to making money. Enjoyment and passion must come first and money should soon follow.

4. Dream Big and Take Risks

Some people may advise to start small, don’t rush into things and that may be sound advice. However, I wonder, what is the point in starting a business if you don’t want it to be the best business of its kind? You can dream big, take calculated risks, whilst also being cautious based on market conditions.

If you have taken the time to ananlyse your market and have a system in place that works, why not scale up or dream and plan to scale? Every business started somewhere, so the only thing that is stopping you being the greatest entrepreneur you can be, is the limits you set for your own success.

5. Be Proud of being an Entrepreneur.

This is a bit of a strange one really and may be stating the obvious. However, when some people start off on their amzing journey to become and independent and entrepunerial success, they are often scared to tell people about it. Maybe this is fear of failure or disappointment, but as the saying (sort of) goes, if you cant believe in yourself, how can you expect others to believe in you.

You never know where conversations may lead and if someone asks what you do for a living, don’t be affraif to tell them confidently. They may just be interested in becoming a customer, maybe your first customer even.

If you were to say to someone, “oh well im just doing this little thing on the side…” compared to “I’m actually running a successful business that specialises in …..”, might be the difference in gaining their confidence and custom, to not.

Have faith in yourself and success will follow!

With Love,

The Business Bombshells

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