The Power Of Minimalism In Business

What has become more prevalent than ever is that “things” don’t generally make us happier or more successful. Don’t get me wrong, having “things” is nice, but as a society I think we have come to realize that our families, our health and maintaining employment are what’s important.

Not only does minimalism mean you are able to concentrate more on what matters in your personal life, it also has a huge impact on your working life and your business.

Businesses across the world have had to make cuts to many unnecessary items and luxuries, and productivity has not reduced due to lack of those things (in most cases). It has shown businesses that there is more to making their employees happy, than providing “things”. Feeling valued, having autonomy and working in a positive environment are all just as, if not more important than, the Christmas “do” or having lunch provided.

I am a minimalist through and through, and the less I have, the happier I become. However, simplifying business and reducing costs is much more important than how many items of clothing I have in my wardrobe (let’s save that for another day). Sustainability is key in the current climate and the less outgoings and things to maintain that a business has the better (at the moment at least).

Maybe it’s time to have a look at your business to see if there are any ways to become more minimalistic, whilst adding real value. Do you NEED the office plants watered once a week? Do your employees NEED free breakfast? Or could reducing these costs mean someone else may be able to keep their job?

On the other side of the coin is accepting business minimalism as an employee. If you have managed to stay in employment, you’re one of the lucky ones. So if your boss tells you that all work trips and team building days are cancelled, accept graciously.

At first, don’t look to cut people, look to cut “things”.

With Love,

The Business Bombshells

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