What Are Business Aesthetics And Why Are They Important

Here at Business Bombshells we LOVE LOVE LOVE the term Aesthetics. Often associated with the beauty industry or how something looks, it is a topic often missed when putting together a business plan.

Aesthetics’ in business is a vast and exciting topic and you may not know this, but its actually a pretty big deal. In simple terms, it can involve, how something looks, smells, feels, anything that could make a business beautiful or indeed “ugly”. This might be the layout of an office, the queuing system, website design, branding, colour choices, room temperature or scent and much more.

Being that we want all businesses to be as beautiful as possible, this obviously comes high up on our radar!

If something is not “aesthetically pleasing” it will not sell, or it will not invite customers in. It is therefore imperative that your business appeals to all the senses.

Business Aesthetics is about creating a business or brand that appeals to peoples tastes. If you can conquer this, you will create loyal custom, if however, something isn’t appealing to a customer, they are likely to not return.

Aesthetics is a big topic to cover, so below are our top 10 points to consider when implementing Aesthetics to your business;

  1. Customer Journey.
  2. Colours and logos.
  3. Room layout, temperature and scent.
  4. Ease of use.
  5. Customer Service and presentation.
  6. Packaging.
  7. Taste.
  8. Cleanliness.
  9. Branding.
  10. Location.

It is important to note that many of these will be based on personal opinions and taste’s, so research into your target markets common like and dislikes is the first place to start.

With Love,

The Business Bombshells

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