Why do we Procrastinate? And why is it good for us?

Procrastination is the act of putting something off, but what if it’s actually your mind trying to tell you something that could change your life for the better?

For a long time we have believed that procrastination is a bad trait to have, it’s something that stops you doing what your supposed to be doing and holds you back from achieving your goals. However, I often ask myself, do I procrastinate when I’m in an airport getting ready to board a plane to go on an amazing holiday? No, i’m sat there, ready to board, way before necessary. Do I procrastinate when im doing something i’m really excited to do? No, it just comes naturally, like as if I’ve gone back to my childhood and I re-found my sense of wonder. A child can play for hours with their favourite toy, so ask yourself, are you being distracted because what you are doing isn’t in fact “playing with your favourite toy”.

I believe we only procrastinate when we are not doing what inspires us, we are not truly fulfilling ourselves. If we find a career that we love and enjoy then why would we want to put off doing it, why wouldn’t we be ingrosed in it religiously?

Granted there will always be days when we can’t bring ourselves to do anything, but on those days we look to comfort in what we enjoy and being that life is so short, those things we enjoy should be within our chosen careers. We do spend a whole lot of time doing them after all!

We often procrastinate by doing mundane tasks, because any distraction is a distraction from the task at hand. When you find yourself thinking of anything and everything to do other than work, ask yourself why don’t I want to work? What isn’t this task providing me? what is it lacking? Would I rather be reading or writing, or swimming or running?… Whatever it may be, that tasks gives you something your body is missing, and that is enjoyment. We need to search for a career or a life’s meaning that enables us to fulfil all of our bodies and minds requirements for happiness and fulfilment, meaning nothing and no one will make us want to stop doing it. We will enjoy what we do so much that we will want to do it instead of cleaning out the sock drawer for the third time this month.

Procrastination is a sign, a sign that a change needs to be made, big or small to make what you are doing work for you, or even inspire a change of direction.

Procrastination is your body telling you something isn’t right, it’s pulling you in another direction, but it’s just not sure what direction yet…

With Love,

The Business Bombshells

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